Please be careful with tower work!

This is so sad. 5 Beautiful young children lost their father in this accident while erecting a 70ft Rohn 25 ham tower. Please be very careful if...

HamEstate is expanding

After numerous requests HamEstate now offers help with non ham radio equipment disposal too. This includes, electronic equipment, model trains, astronomy items and other collections. Contact us for more details.

Please spread the word.

If you are aware of someone who needs help with disposing of their equipment or a family who needs help, please tell them about us. We do not charge anything for a phone call and we have assisted many with good advice by phone of email. 73's The HamEstate Team

Online Store coming soon

We do list equipment for sale on various selling locations but decided to open an online store here on our site for the following reasons: Saving on "selling fees" asked by major selling resources. These savings will result in more money back to your family or estate....

Let the tower go first!

I cannot emphasize this enough. If you are going to let your family handle your ham radio estate themselves, make sure you tell them NOW not to sell, donate or gift any equipment before someone commits (and follows through with it!)  to taking down your tower! We get...

Triannual Subscription added

We have had several requests from fellow hams wanting to make three payments per year but still get the benefit of saving a month of subscription. You now have that option under our Subscription page.