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Why HamEstate.com?

Amateur Radio (ham radio as we call it) is a fascinating technology based hobby that provides us with lots of satisfaction and the ability to to choose from a diverse selection of activities within the hobby. The longer we stay engaged in the hobby, the more equipment and antennas we collect. One thing most of us do not think about much is what happens to our equipment, towers and antennas when we pass on. An even bigger question we do not address is who is going to take this burden away from our grieving loved ones, so they do not have to deal with this cumbersome task.

I am not planning on dying anytime soon but that is not in my hands and when the time comes I don’t want my loved ones to deal with the painful task of dismantling and disposing of my equipment.  We all have life insurance to cater for our families after we pass on but we neglect to make provision for the removal and disposal of our ham radio stations.

Over the past 31 years of me being in this hobby I have seen the same thing over and over. Hams pass away. Then other hams hear of the passing and rush in to get the “bargains and easy to remove items”, sometimes offering the widow or estate pennies on the dollar for what it is worth. It does not end there. They also leave all the hard to remove and dispose of items like towers, antennas and low value items that the widow or estate need to deal with. Do I want this to happen to my wife or loved ones when I pass away? The answer is a big NO.

I am blessed to be president of a company that deals with radio equipment, towers, antennas and other telecommunications systems on a commercial basis. That got me thinking. Since I have the infrastructure, staff and other resources in place, why not expand this into my hobby so others can benefit from this service?  I started HamEstate.com. A concept to offer a hassle free subscription based service to hams leaving their loved ones with no burden when it comes to our hobby when we pass on.

Ham radio has been very good to me and I want to give something back. I cannot think of a better way to do this than to assist fellow ham’s families and loved ones when they are not there to do so when it comes to the disposal of their ham radio stations.

For a yearly subscription fee you will get peace of mind that someone will have your family’s best interest at heart handling your ham radio equipment sale when you pass away and giving them the privacy they deserve. Click on the How It Works link above for more information.

We plan to be at all major Ham Conventions as our schedule allows to answer questions in person however call anytime if you cannot find answers to your questions in the “How it works” or “FAQ” links above.

Looking forward to earning your trust and handling your ham radio estate items when you are not here to make sure this is done fairly and to the advantage of your loved ones.


Andre VanWyk, NJØF
Founding member

Serving Hams and their families since 2014.

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