Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the benefit of subscribing to HamEstate LLC?

You will leave your relatives with peace of mind knowing that someone will take care of your radio station sales without them having to deal with this cumbersome task. Furthermore your equipment will be sold at its true value and your estate will not be left at the mercy of bargain hunters.  Your loved ones will not need to deal with the removal of towers, antennas and low value items.

How long will it take to sell all my equipment?

Ham Estate will strive to wrap up the sale of equipment and removal of towers and antennas in a timely manner.
Once we assessed  your station during our visit we will be a position to estimate a removal time frame. For external items like towers and antennas we also need to take weather and travel into account.

How long will my family have to wait before seeing payment?

As soon equipment sales and tower removal has been finalized we will contact your family member or estate with a detailed run down of sales and expenses. Once we discussed this with them we will mail out a check to them or initiate a direct deposit. It is important for us to finalize this process as soon as possible to keep running costs down.

What if some of the equipment does not sell in a timely manner?

In the event that we find some of your equipment (perhaps parts, tower pieces, etc) does not sell in a certain time frame, we will contact your family and inform them of this. With their consent, we will list these items on auction sites at no reserve to avoid delaying the closure of your radio estate so your loved ones can receive payment of what it due to them.

Do you buy entire estates upfront?

Yes. We do offer an up-front purchase offer.

What if the expenses exceed the income of equipment sales?

In the unlikely event that expenses exceeds the income derived from sales we will make a detailed estimate of what the difference would be. For the average ham station this is highly unlikely.
For example: If you have $3,500 in value for your equipment but we need a large crane with enough reach to lift your crank up tower over your garage that you built after installing the tower, there will be additional costs.During our initial visit this will be determined and discussed in detail.  We will then do an estimate on what it would cost to finalize your estate and provide this to your family for consideration. Since there will be no equity in this case HamEstate LLC will charge a estimated fee for assisting in the removal based on the complexity of the removal. The bottom line is that we will strive to keep costs as low as possible to safely remove towers, etc as required.

My family member passed away and was not a subscriber. Can you still help me?

Yes we can. We get many requests from the families of non subscribers for help. We handle these on a case by case basis and mostly offer up-front buyouts to these families or individuals. 

Can my estate or family members sell part of my radio equipment?

To maximize the amount of net profit from your radio estate, it is important NOT to sell bits and pieces of your station. The easy to remove items with high value will be taken by bargain hunters first. This will leave low value and hard to remove items to deal with, resulting in out of pocket expenses by your estate.

A local ham or friend offered to remove my late spouse’s tower and antennas for free. Is this a good idea?

This in principle is a bad idea for the following reasons:

  • If the person falls of the tower, gets injured or even get killed, your family or estate can face lawsuits and this can ruin your estate.
  • If your property or a neighbor’s property gets damaged during this process, your family or estate will carry the liability.

What is HamEstate LLC’s operating area ?

We operate  in the 48 Contiguous US States only. Traveling and logistics are too expensive for us to offer this service to other US territories.We apologize for that.

I am getting up there in years and moving into assisted living. Could I get you to dismantle and liquidate my small/modest/contest station?

The answer is yes. As a Paid Subscriber, we can assist in this process.

I am moving from California to New York.   Could you dismantle my CA station and help me set up in my new QTH?

As a paid subscriber of HamEstate LLC we can assist in the relocation of stations. Since there will be no sales of equipment to cover costs, we will provide an estimate to dismantle and move your entire station at a cost to be determined.

If your business dismantles or moves stations/towers, could you help me with some antenna/tower work?

Yes! Although we only offer this option to our Paid Subscribers.

I am interested in subscribing but want a reference from an existing subscriber.

We respect the privacy of our subscribers and keep subscriber information confidential. We have a reputation to uphold and would not risk providing this service if we did not have good intentions.

I own two stations at different locations. Do I need two subscriptions?

If your station locations are within a 100 mile radius of each other, one subscription will cover both locations. For stations further apart, there will be an additional travel fee for the second station / property that will become part of your estate expenses and will be deducted accordingly.

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