Radio Estate Tips and Good Practices


Here are some good practices to get the best value back for your hard earned money that you invested into your hobby:

  • Keep original boxes and manuals of all your equipment.
  • Keep sales receipts of purchases.
  • Make sure your spouse or children are aware of who you want to handle the sales of your ham station.
  • Make double sure that only licensed and insured companies remove antennas and towers. A lawsuit deriving from death or injury by someone removing antennas and towers ” for free” on your property can ruin your loved ones and estate.
  • Do not let bargain hunters walk off with part of your station before consulting a professional company or trusted ham as this will leave your family with expenses to remove towers and antennas.
  • Ham friends are usually of great help but they also have families, jobs, schedules and can help to an extent. In many cases equipment is sold for less than its worth. Consider discussing this and coming up with a detailed plan ahead of time.
  • Make sure your family points any inquiries about your ham station directly to the company handling your ham estate. Ensure that they are firm on this.