Well, your professionalism exceeded my expectations.  From corresponding with me prior to the packing, your time and care during the packing of the radios and equipment with care for transport, to the meticulous cleanup and review of the equipment, and the your final estimation of the cost.  I thank you and the family of Maria and Jerry Brown thanks you for all you have done.  

Much success to your business.  


Rick Colorado TX / TN



My husband passed away November 2022. I contacted Andre the first time in early December. He told me they would be here no later than mid January and that is when they were here. The amount of Ham equipment that my husband had was truly unbelievable. He was a hard core collector. Not only did he have radios, he had every nut, screw and bolt that could possibly be needed to fix any Ham Radio ever made. Jeff arrived and I could tell after a few hours that he was totally trustworthy and just an incredible human being. He spent the next three days clearing out a storage unit, a garage and two rooms in the house. All of these spaces were crammed so full of stuff there was not a square inch left. my husband also had lots and lots of coins, both as a collector and just because he loved coins. The value of what he found was probably 10 times what I thought was in the house. He also found valuable watches and other items as well. I cannot recommend Ham Estate enough. Thank you Jeff and Andre for making this whole process so much easier than I thought it would be. Anne Shimel, FL



I found out about HamEstate from a Ham friend of mine. He hadn’t used the service yet but when I told him about how impressed I was, he said that’s good to know because someday he might need them himself. I told him that they arrived on time and were very professional, fast and quiet. They didn’t just swoop in and take the good items and then hit the road. They took everything that I asked them to, even if it was junk. 

Randy McDowell, AC0CI, MN 


 My husband, who was a ham radio hobbiest, passed away this year. I was given the HamEstate information by his friend. Andre was extremely helpful and guided me every step of the way. I took pictures of the towers and equipment, emailed them to him. He did an inventory and sent me an evaluation and offer to buy. I thought it was fair, accepted the offer.  They came and took the towers down, and packed all the equipment. I didn’t have to do a thing.  The young men who did the work were very polite, and efficient.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with HamEstate,  and would recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.

Janice Mayer, IN

 I want to thank you and your team for buying my equipment and removing it. It takes a load from my mind that my daughter will not have to worry about disposing of this gear at my passing. It was my pleasure to do business with you. Jeff and Justin  were very professional in taking down the tower and packing the equipment.

Again, thank you very much for your help.

Bill Kaiser, KC9CU, IN

 I contracted with Ham Estate LLC to finalize my husbands estate. Andre and team took down 2 towers with expertise, efficiency and extreme safety precautions. All removal of towers, radios and equipment was accomplished in 1 day with much care and consideration and a friendship was established simultaneously.
My sincere thanks to Andre and Jeff for making a very emotional day much easier. Terry Clark, Omak WA

When my husband died, I knew my biggest obstacle was selling his ham gear, antennas and tower. However, he had picked up one of your brochures and card at one of the Hamfests. You arranged within a short period of time to meet with my family and we finalized the solution in record time. My husband had been a Ham since 1953—-I had a lump in my throat as the trailer drove off with 67 years of memories of someone who really enjoyed his hobby. I also feel that I have made a lifelong friendship with Andre and Magda. Madge XYL of W5BPT (SK)

I and my family would like to thank you and your HamEstate business for all the help.  Everything went very smooth Saturday.  Jeff and Devin were perfectly delightful to work with.  Thank you ! 

Larry Barton  Yoakum, Texas 

After the recent passing of my dearest friend Steve in NM, I was appointed representative for his estate. Steve was an avid ham radio person and I found the prospect of selling his ham radio equipment overwhelming. A friend suggested I use HamEstate LLC – I am so glad I went with this suggestion. Andre and his team were absolutely amazing  – so professional and also so friendly. They spent three days dismantling towers and carefully packing and cataloging equipment (including all the cables). They even cleaned the house before they left! Andre and his family are amazing people. I am so glad I opted to go with HamEstateLLC to help sort out Steve’s estate.
Bobby G.

The Dornak family appreciates very much for all of you making the trip possible to take down towers, antennas and equipment at our place in Texas. Have a safe trip home and thanks again for helping us deal with this.

The Ray Dornak Family, Hallettsville, TX

 Dear Andre,

This is simply a note of appreciation for your kind and thoughtful help throughout our ham radio transaction.  At a difficult time for me,  you have been a constant—truly constant!—source of guidance, patience, and support throughout a project I didn’t know how to begin. 
I am most grateful to have found HamEstate, and after all that’s been said and done, I feel like we’re old friends!
I wish you well with your wonderful company, and once more, thank you.
Judy B. Gulf Breeze, FL


 Andre and Magda:
So glad you made it home safely.  Such a pleasure meeting and working with you both on handling my husband’s radio equipment.  Things went so smoothly and I will definitely recommend your company should anyone ask.  I feel I have made two new friends in Minnesota.  Thanks again and take care both of you.
Judy Z. Port Huron, MI

Dear Andre,
Thank you so much for making the sale of my father in law’s HAM radio equipment so much less stressful. We received a prompt reply to our initial inquiry and you were so knowledgeable about the items we were looking to sell and remove. The ease of coordinating the estimate to the final removal, we had such a positive experience. Many thanks again for making this a great experience for us. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to downsize or move out some equipment. We couldn’t of asked for a better person/company to deal with.
Thanks again,
Rico and Laura Razza, Brooklyn, CT

Turned to Hamestate.com when it became necessary to sell my radio equipment. Andre VanWyk, the company founder, took charge and delivered a totally satisfactory solution. Total integrity and superior service. Thank you Andre.
Sam Lynch, KC7JRU

Dear Andre,
It is hard to think of a gift to the entire ham radio community more worthwhile than your creation of hamestate.com, a service which will be an immense relief to thousands of hams and their families, most of whom wouldn’t know where to turn and how to dispose of the radio equipment left by a Silent Key. So I signed up the instant I saw your announcement in QST.
I am 82 years old with a wife and two daughters. They would all be totally stumped as to what to do once I fall off the perch. Therefore I am a perfect example of somebody who feels that a big stone has been lifted off his shoulders.
I hope thousands will sign up so hamestates will not be a financial drain on you.
And I thank you for this creative solution.
Best 73

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