How It Works

  • Join as a subscriber by clicking our “Subscribe” link and sign up for a yearly subscription plan where you will complete the online form and become a paid subscriber.
  • After you subscribe, we will send you a Welcome Package with important information to share with your family or executor of your estate.
  • When you pass away and your family is ready to deal with this part of your estate, all they need to do is contact our office.

Non Subscription Based Services

  • We do offer our services to families who lost a loved one that was not a paid subscriber. We evaluate these on a case by case basis and determine our fee accordingly.

How much does it cost?

  • Yearly flat rate of $164.89
  • Yearly flat rate of  $148.40 for active duty and military veterans, retired law enforcement and first responders.

Once your equipment has been disposed of and all towers and antennas are removed we subtract all the incurred expenses from the income of equipment sales to derive at the Net income of your radio estate. Ham Estate LLC then charges a 30% commission on the Net income of your ham estate.


Bob becomes a SK and was a subscriber. Bob’s XYL notifies us.  Ham Estate takes care of Bob’s radio station. The sales of equipment brings in $10,000. Tower and antenna removal plus listing & shipping expenses for Bob’s radio estate came to $3,000. The Net profit was $7,000. HamEstate then charges a 30% commission which is $2,100. Bob’s wife gets $4,900. This means she had no out of pocket expenses during the entire process and did not have to deal with any part of the removal and sales & shipping.

Why a yearly subscription fee?

Your subscription fee is used for operational expenses such as advertising costs (several thousand dollars per month) so we can make everyone aware of this service. It also covers all costs for the initial trip to your QTH once you become a silent key to assess your station, evaluate it and give your family an estimation of what it is worth and what it would take to professionally remove dispose of your station. This means ZERO  upfront cost to them if you are a subscriber. The average cost for the initial visit is approximately $1,500-00 to $2,000-00 depending on where you live. Our subscription fee is a small investment for the peace of mind it offers.

What does the monthly subscription include?

  • Travel to and from your location for the initial assessment after you become a SK.
  • Full inventory of your station.
  • Appraisal of all your equipment.
  • Estimation of costs to remove tower, cables, antennas, clean up etc.
  • We represent  your widow or family members when it comes to your ham estate. – They will have the privacy and peace of mind they deserve during this time.
  • HamEstate finances removal and other costs until we finalize your radio estate.
  • FCC Licence cancellation or if a relative is interested in taking over your call sign we will assist with the process.

Step 1

Included in your subscription:

  • After we receive notification from your estate or appointed family member we make an appointment to visit your station.
  • We inventory and label all the equipment.
  • Assess what it would take to remove towers, antennas and other appurtenances.
  • We do a current market evaluation of what all you equipment is worth on the used market.
  • We provide your estate or family member with a detailed estimate of what to expect for sales income and removal expenses related to your entire ham station.
  • At this stage we collect all removable equipment.

Ham Estate will take it from here and your family can direct any ham radio related inquiries directly to us.

Step 2

Ham Estate then manages and execute the radio sales and removal process of tower and antennas.

  • Dismantle towers and antennas. (Utilizing our own crew or  contracted and insured companies as required) Safety first!
  • Remove above ground part of tower base and restore grade to the original state it was before the tower was erected. (if required)
  • Clean up and remove cabling and any other ham radio related parts or rubble.
  • Back at our facility we clean up all the equipment to ensure optimum selling value.
  • We then list, sell, pack and ship equipment to buyers.

For more information please see our FAQ page

It is important to note that we handle your radio system removal and disposal as a project and the entire process is documented with proof of income and expenses – from start to finish.  It is our goal to maximize Net Profit and keep costs as low as possible without cutting corners.

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