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Pre-owned in great condition, has minor scuffs, no deep scratches of dents. Comes in original box with microphone cable, 2 stereo cables, DB9M to DB9F serial cable and 12 volt power cable. Does not include orignal manual or software CD. See photos for reference.


Compatible with +2000 Radios

  • Can be used with almost any make or model microphone and most model radios no matter what brand
  • Any radio that has a 8 pin round screw on microphone connector
  • Any radio that has an RJ45 modular telephone style connector
  • Any radio with RJ25 6 wire microphone connector with the purchase of an optional FT100 style 6 wire modular mic. cable
  • Any radio with 4 pin round microphone connector with the purchase of a optional 4 pin mic cable

Computer Interface

  • Supplied with both a standard DB9 RS232 serial cable and USB cable interface (supported for Mac (OS 9,10), Linux, Windows (98SE – Vista 32 and 64 bit)! May be used old or new computers with your choice of USB or RS232 DB9 serial

True Keyed CW

  • In addition to the PTT keying circuit there is a fully isolated CW/FSK keying output for direct keying of your rig’s CW or FSK jack for use with non-sound card software, no other interface has this
  • Input for control of the additional fully isolated CW/FSK keying circuit as well as the PTT circuit is jumper selectable between serial port control pins: RTS, DTR, and TXD

Mic/Keying/Audio Flexibility

  • No extra manual switches needed, two DPDT relays for true automatic operation unlike other sound card interfaces
  • Simpler operation than the other brands, you never have to remember to push un-needed switches to make your station work
  • PTT override and interrupt enables mic to override the computer or stop the computer program, perfect for contesting or SSTV operation
  • Rear panel RCA PTT switch / foot switch jack enables the PPT override and interrupt
  • Internal diagnostic RTS, DTR and TXD LEDs show at a glance what the serial port is doing
  • Properly matched and RF suppressed audio for your radio
  • Fully isolated transmit audio and PTT keying, unlike other interfaces that have little or no isolation
  • Positive and fully automatic PTT control supports almost 100 ham programs, no illegal or spurious signals due to built in sound card VOX operation

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