We are celebrating 10 years of serving the families of silent keys! We are proud of our achievements over the span of a decade. We made lots of friends and keep in touch with many. This is a great hobby and HamEstate will continue to grow and be there for your family.

As our entity evolved over the past 10 years we tried to streamline and optimize the way we handle estates. We made changes over the years and starting February 2024 we will only offer yearly subscriptions. Our monthly option is no longer available. It takes time and resources to prepare documentation and send them out to new subscribers. Doing this for someone who subscribes for a month then decides to cancel costs time and money diverts resources to where they really need to focus – assisting families of Silent Keys.

We will honor existing monthly subscribers until they cancel or we received an unpaid notice. Monthly subscribers will then need to re-subscribe with the yearly fee.

We thank all our subscribers for your support and our growth. We have an important role in Ham Radio and we are proud to be the only entity offering a turn-key estate solution including tower removal and cleanup.

God Bless and continue enjoying the best hobby in the world.

The HamEstate Team!


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