I posted a similar request before, but I am going to keep bringing this up. PLEASE be considerate to your family and make sure they keep the following rule when it comes to dealing with your ham radio estate:

Do not sell any radio equipment before someone commits (and follow through with it) buying and dismantling the towers and antennas first and also get a evaluation before selling equipment.

I cannot emphasize this enough. We get frequent requests for help where ham friends come in to help and sell of all the easy to remove equipment, then leave the family with a backyard of tower and antennas that they don’t want to take down. Some families want to sell their properties and must pay a company to remove the towers before they can go to closing. This can be totally avoided.If you’d rather have a ham friend help your family, then at the very least, make sure you provide clear instructions that nothing gets sold or donated until all the towers and antennas are gone. Also, make sure you a keep a list with what you have paid for your equipment as a reference and leave it in a drawer where someone will find it.

Best 73’s

Andre, NJ0F