SSB Sequence Controller DCW 2004 B


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Pre-owned in good condition, minor scratches on front and top. Does not come in original box, or include original manual. See photos for reference.

The DCW 2004 series of sequence controllers provides processor controlled sequenced turn-on of HF – VHF – UHF power amplifiers and additionally allows DC voltage feeding of our Super-Amp preamplifiers via the coaxial cable.The DCW2004B and DCW2004SHF provides four sequenced steps.

Step 1.  Preamp Power is Dropped

Step 2.  Ground on transmit to turn on the Linear Amp.

Step 3.  Ground on TX for Rig or Transverter turn on.

Step 4.  Ground on TX for Rig turn on.

Use of our Sequence Controllers insures that the preamplifier is switched out of line before the linear amplifier is enabled thus preventing hot switching.

To accommodate all types of radio’s, the DCW2004’s can be keyed via a ground on Tx or +VDC on Tx.

Model DCW 2004 Bx is intended for the bands 6 m – 70 cm.

Model DCW 2004 B SHF covers the 33cm, 23 cm and 13 cm bands.


Technical Data DCW 2004Bx 6m, 2m, 70cm DCW 2004 B SHF 13cm, 23cm, 33cm
Max Power
6/2m = 2 KW  (SSB)
70cm = 1 KW  (SSB)
33 & 23cm = 150 W
13cm = 100 W
Insertion loss 0,1 dB 0,2 dB
Connection norm N-Socket
Max.Preamplifier Current
(remote feeding)
0,5 A max loadable
PTT switching output
power amplifier
30 V at 0,5 A max.
Relay switching outputs 30 V at 0,5 A max.
-PTT Input switches at <2 V
+PTT Input switches at >5 V
Operating voltage 12-15 V
Recommended voltage 13,8 V
Dimensions 40x120x654 mm
Weight 600 g



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