SDRplay RSP2pro Wideband Receiver


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The SDRplay RSP2pro is a powerful wideband full-featured Software Defined Receiver which covers all frequencies from 1 kHz up to 2 GHz. This enhanced version of the popular RSP1 provides three software selectable antenna inputs, & new stability and clocking features ideally suited to industrial, scientific & educational applications. Combined with the power of SDRuno Receiver Software this versatile receiver can monitor up to 10 MHz of spectrum at a time. The RSP2pro is enclosed in a rugged black painted steel case for industrial users.

What’s really exciting is that SDRplay offers an open API, allowing developers to create new demodulators or applications around the platform.

Amateur Radio Operators will enjoy all modes of operation for the Ham Bands ranging from experimental LF, through all the HF bands, VHF, UHF and up to the 23 cm band.

With the SRDplay RSP2 general coverage receiver, you can enjoy exploring the rest of the RF spectrum as well!

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