PreciseRF SMT-PRO Station Monitor


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The SMT-Pro Station Monitor is recommended for both QRP (low power) and QRO (high power) operation. When connected to a low cost oscilloscope, it allows the adjustment and tuning of the entire transmitting chain including the transceiver, RF amplifier, and other components. It is designed for transceiver output levels of up to 100 Watts driving linear RF amplifiers. It features a wide band sampler, a high performance demodulator, a variable base band output and an oscilloscope trigger output.


A Linear RF amplifier commonly amplifies an RF signal from 20-100 Watts by 20dB or more to about 500-1,500 Watts. With a low cost oscilloscope, many found on eBay, the SMT-Pro makes a complete high performance station monitor for SSB & AM modes.

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