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Now, with DX Engineering RTR-1 Receive Antenna Interfaces, you can safely connect dedicated receive antennas to HF transceivers that do not have a separate RX antenna input port. Finally, DX Engineering RTR-1 Receive Antenna Interfaces allow the standard transceiver owner to enjoy the advantages of separate receive antennas! Also, many enthusiasts are providing failsafe protection for the unswitched receive antenna (RX ANT) port on their very expensive transceivers with these RTR-1 interfaces–very inexpensive insurance, indeed!

Now RoHS compliant, RTR-1 Receive Antenna Interfaces are unique, multipurpose switch units that automatically or manually switch the RF output antenna connector on any HF transceiver between a separate receiving antenna system and a standard transmitting antenna. RTR-1 units feature a unique, failsafe connection method that prevents the hot switching and timing errors that are common on other transmit/receive relays. The RTR-1 interfaces switch fast enough–at about 4 ms–to allow for QSK CW operation! In another of their simplest applications, these interfaces allow you to add a superior receiving preamplifier, such as the DX Engineering RPA-1 receive preamplifiers, to any transceiver to dramatically improve reception of those really weak signals on the crowded HF bands.

DX Engineering RTR-1 Receive Antenna Interfaces enable operators to enjoy improved reception with a low noise receiving antenna system. Connection to a Beverage, receive four-square, active receive antenna, and other receiving antennas and accessories is now possible, safely–only with RTR-1 interfaces.

Major features that make the DX Engineering RTR-1 Receive Antenna Interfaces your best choice for a receive T/R system device:

* Attractive heavy stainless steel enclosure
* 200 watt switching capability
* Supports CW full break-in
* Main transmit antenna connector is SO-239 (UHF female)
* Radio RF connector is SO-239 (UHF female)
* Receive antenna input and accessory outputs use RCA phono and Type F connectors
* Safe switching–transmit antenna is always connected to transceiver on power-off
* Hot switching lockout–disables receive antenna during transmit mode
* Versatile–allows inclusion of RF preamplifiers and other RX accessories
* Simple 12 Vdc input for battery or emergency operation

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