Daiwa CS-201GII Coax Switch

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Use Daiwa CS-201GII coax switches to switch between one antenna and two radios or two antennas and one radio. These 2-position coaxial switches can handle the power and offer auto grounding of the unused terminal for protection and excellent port isolation.

Specs on the Daiwa CS-201GII coax switches are:

* Frequency range: (up to) 2 GHz
* Power ratings: 1.5 kW CW (up to 30 MHz), 250 W CW (up to 1 GHz), and 150 W CW (up to 2 GHz)
* VSWR: below 1.3:1 at 1.3 GHz
* Insertion loss: less than 1.2 dB at 1.2 GHz
* Isolation: 50 dB 1 GHz
* Connector: gold-plated N-type

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