Item tested for basic functionality.

Technical Specifications:
1. Frequency range: 3-30MHz (HF).
2. Operate voltage: 12-14 Vcc.
3. Input current/POWER: 14-20 A.
4. Input power: 3-5 W.
5. Input power SSB: 2-10 W.
5. FM Output power: PEP Max 150W (Input 10W).
6. AM Output power: PEP Max 150W (Input 10W).
7. Output power SSB: 300 W(Input 10W) PEP Max, 250W (Input 5W ) PEP Max.
8. Working mode: FM- AM-CW-SSB.
9. Fuse: 2×12 A.
10. Dimension: 109×225×35 mm.
11. Net weight: 750 g.
12. Compact high power all mode amplifier with automatic TX/Rx switch and On/Off switch.
13. Electronic switch.
14. Inversion polarity protection.

Excellent Condition

Please note any test instruments and meters used to show functionality in photos are not included.
What you see in the photos that forms part of the accessories of the specific unit is included, nothing more.
All these pieces comes from working ham shacks as well as storage units and sold as is.
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