AEA MBA-RO Morse Code Reader


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The AEA MBA-RO is a self contained reader for Morse Code, Baudot radioteletype and ASCII. This receive-only device is fully self-contained. It simply requires 12 VDC external power and audio from your shortwave receiver to operate. The display is 32 charachter alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent (0.29 inch 14 segment). It copies Morse Code (CW) with speed auto-tracking from 3 to 99 WPM. And Morse code signals are enhanced by a built-in 100 kHz filtered (centered on 800 kHz). It copies Baudot radioteletype (RTTY) at 60, 67, 75 or 100 WPM. It also copies ASCII at 110 baud. The left-side of the MBA has jacks for:  Audio Input (3.5mm), Audio Output (3.5mm), Key Input (3.5mm) and 12 VDC Power Input.

This device requires 12 VDC at 500 mA. 8.75 x 5.875 x 2 inches 2 lbs.

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